Fleur de Lys Bleue is an old farm dating back to 1898 with the stone barn being built more recently in 1959. We are situated about 450 m above sea level and our estate stretches out over 5,000 m2.

What’s more, we have our own spring water and a free-standing bread oven. Although the oven is currently not in use, who knows what the future may hold? The old main road used to run between the farm and the barn. These days, however, the new main road is 500 m away and is only used occasionally.

The road is part of the route to Santiago de Compostella and Rocamadour. There is a swimming pool in which to cool off and plenty of space to lie down and relax, have a kick-about with the kids or play hide-and-seek. Tranquillity, space and above all enjoyment are what draw most people to the estate.